Awakening with dislocated shoulders, a broken fibula, and a camera stolen by an old woman. These are the characteristics that make up Neighbourhood Watch Productions' newest creation, Headroom. The follow-up to Wash, Rinse, Repeat, filmmaker Adam Bos teams again with his brothers; namely Joshua Bos, and extends his VX1000, Super 8mm, and 16mm lens to two more Ontarian rippers. In this interview conducted by Andrew Szeto of Maru, find out how it all came together and what to expect with Canada's newest and most aesthetically oriented independent skateboard video due to release on FEB. 26th.

"I stopped the bus that was leaving, went inside and an old lady stole it."

So the video’s called “Headroom” what’s behind the name?

I really wanted to call it "Headcheese". I thought the name made sense, boil down a bunch of footage to make a video. Everyone I told wasn't into the idea, so I changed it. People can interpret "Headroom" their own way, like another name for a television.

Tell me a bit about the process, what you filmed with, how long it took you, where you went for it, and challenges along the way.

Originally there was no plan for a video, we were filming for maybe another montage or whatever. Eventually Caleb and Joshua had a good amount of footage and Seb was down to film a part. He and I traveled back and forth between Ottawa and Kingston to add the third part to the video. Thanks to Seb for agreeing to film for my project, he's damn good and I'm happy he's a part of it. It's tough working on a part with a skater three hours away, I always wanted to be in Ottawa filming, but our work schedules often clashed. Early this past summer Joshua broke the fibula bone in his left leg. He was trying to re-film a line that he landed sketchy a couple days before. It was a shitty situation, but he's fully recovered now. He was bummed that he missed out on skating and filming over the summer, but it could have been worse. On the brighter side, Joshua's injury gave me more time to focus on filming Seb's part. Caleb also had a hard time with injuries as well. On a day trip to Syracuse, NY, he did his best impression of Nek-Minnit by bombing a really long hill. He ended up getting way too much speed, followed by the wobbles that took him down. It was funny until we saw how badly his shoulder was dislocated. The story ends with a $1200.00 hospital bill, and shoulders that now dislocate in his sleep. I've helped him pop it back into place multiple times since that day.

HEADROOM (FULL VIDEO) from Adam Bos on Vimeo.

All the skating is filmed with a vx1000. The rest was done with 16/8mm film or VHS. This past year has been a huge struggle with camera gear. Just before the Miami trip my car was broken into, and all my camera gear was taken. It's hard to find a vx1000 in good shape, and even harder to find a quality camera tech. The two I ended up with had tons of issues, which sucks because the cameras that were taken worked perfect. Another time, I was filming at a bus stop, looked over, and my camera bag was gone. So I stopped the bus that was leaving, went inside and an old lady stole it. She was hiding it under the seat behind her legs. You can't trust anyone I guess. The video was shot in two seasons and a three-week trip to Miami, last winter. We skated on the east coast, so expect to see footage from Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Boston, NYC, Upstate New York, and Miami.

Wash, Rinse Repeat (2012)

Caleb Lilly


You often have great taste in the dudes you film. What’s up with these three guys? What do each of them bring to the table, in your opinion?

The video has the same sort of feel as my previous releases. Cool spots, and the skating is solid. Everyone that is part of this, gave their best, and the same goes for me. I have shot a lot of film over the past two seasons, it has a very classic look. But I've enjoyed working with VHS. You can do a lot with VHS clips, making each shot unique. "Wash Rinse Repeat" had a theme, and that was cool. But it's nice to use a random shot or idea that just fits. If there are no themes or guide lines it opens up those spontaneous filming opportunities. That's my favourite type of photography. While editing, I try to avoid using the stock editing system effects whenever possible. I like to try and create all the effects physically with filters, light crystals, or on the VCR. It takes more time, but has a unique feel in the end. Some people might like it, or hate it, depends on the style of skate video they like to watch.

Seb Labbé

These guys are a lot of fun to be around, on or off a board. They skate very differently than one another and have different tricks and spot selections. It gives each part its own separate qualities and strengths.


What’s next for Neighbourhood Watch?

I will continue skating and traveling as much as possible. No real plans yet, something will just happen. I can't wait until the snow is gone, that's for sure!

Thanks Andrew, and to everyone involved in making this happen!


Joshua Bos

All photos by Adam Bos


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