Rest In Print March 29 2014

Original media/sales package c.2002

Today, we are sad to say goodbye to an era, while overwhelmed with joy looking back at what a couple nobody's from rural B.C. were able to accomplish with the inspirational support from skaters across the country that shared our vision.

Despite falling just one shy of 50 issues, 2013 was an astonishing achievement for the cultural pioneers who banded together and celebrated a decade in print with a fresh new look and format. Recognizing a cultural shift, Color also ramped up its tradition of bringing skateboarding to life outside of print. The year began by helping release Winnipeg's Green Apple video [Video X] and ended with the release of the Street Demon DVD. Color hosted the Wallie World Cup and the Hotel Ramp Party (reported heavily through local and mainstream media as the best party its hometown of Vancouver has ever seen) and brought the largest number of professional-level skateboarders to Canada since Slam City with "Jamcouver 2013": a public exhibition celebrating the creative aspects of skateboarding to crowds of 10,000 throughout the day. Color also brought 2010 Skater Of The Year Leo Romero and his band to Canada for a series of intimate performances at unique venues around B.C., and Color collaborated with Canadian clothing label Sitka to produce a capsule collection consisting of 24 different garments released over two seasons with premium outerwear and Japanese Denim.

publisher Sandro Grison, frontside 180 fakie nosegrind, Lockwood (LA) c.2004




Color Magazine, 2003 - 2013 | Another year, another magazine bids farewell.



Vancouver, BC – January 6, 2014 - After more than 10 straight years of publishing skateboard culture to the North American spectra, Fourcorner Publishing Inc. announces it has ceased printing Color magazine, to take an extended hiatus from the traditional methods. The creators behind the lifestyle brand, will however be moving forward in exciting new ways with more dedication to bolstering skateboard culture than ever before.

2013 was a great year that saw Color begin moving in a new direction, starting with a redesign of the magazine and increased focus on experiential publishing. It is certainly an exciting time in media and Color, the skateboard lifestyle publication that highlighted music, art, fashion and skateboarding talent in Canada intends to continue doing so by producing unique experiences in those fields for as long as founder/producer Alessandro Grison is at the reigns.

"Color has been a dream for me." said Grison. "Guy Mariano, Danny Way, Eric Koston, Muska, Reynolds... The magazine gave me the opportunity to sit and get to know so many of my heros and experience things I never thought I would in my lifetime. It opened my eyes to a world outside of my own as I hope it did for others".


Fourcorner Publishing Inc. recognizes that the legacy Color Magazine leaves behind would not be made possible without the support from its loyal advertisers and devout readership, but Color wasn't conceived for the purpose of doing business, it was always a passion for the publisher who was consistently inspired and motivated by the people who helped put it all together. This is where it gets emotional for Grison:

"I may have received back just as much as we gave [while making the magazine]—which was always all of ourselves. I am forever grateful for the amazing people I met and got the opportunity to work with over the years. I'm thankful to walk away enriched by memorable experiences".


Back issues of Color Magazine will be available at Agenda (Long Beach, CA - Jan. 7/8, 2014) and KnowShow (Vancouver, BC - Jan. 15-17, 2014) with representatives in attendance to discuss upcoming and future projects.




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"Sandro" Grison successfully founded and operated Color Magazine consistently for 11 years. Coming from a background in art and design, This allowed him to keep one foot in the creative door, while sharpening his business skills and experience. Outside of his published works, Sandro has exhibited in places as far as Shanghai, China, hosted events in L.A., Kansas City and New York. Sandro's contributions to the Canadian skateboard industry were cemented in 2013 when he collaborated with North America’s largest offshore fireworks festival to present “Jamcouver” to crowds of 20,000 people and established the Jamcovuer Cultural Society— a non-profit organization of which he currently sits as Chairman of the board.


Color Magazine is North America’s original skateboard culture magazine. Publishing quarterly print editions from 2003 to 2013, Color promoted skateboarding through the works of its peers writing, photography and art. Best known for its trail blazing and award winning covers and art direction, Color is credited to have been amongst the most dominant vehicles to introduce contemporary art and fashion to mainstream skateboarding and showcasing Canadian talent to a broad readership of tastemakers.


Established in 2002 to promote brands in skateboarding through special events and products, The company quickly developed as an effective marketing vehicle to help grow brands in North America through its primary focus, Color Magazine. Today the publishing house operates as a boutique creative agency that presents multimedia entertainment through its online channels and produces experiential film/video projects, contests, curated art exhibitions, music festivals and offers consulting to a wide range of clients seeking to reach the alternative sports and youth markets.