Ode to Covers March 29 2014

4 Things from Fourcorner Publishing:


  1. The best selling cover in Color's history was Issue 6.4
  2. There are 64 individual different covers of Color Magazine
  3. 14 issues featured gatefold (fold-out) covers with more for the eye to see
  4. It took 17 issues before a skateboarder appeared doing a trick on the front cover


"Every Damn Cover" - 10 years of Color Magazine, illustrated by every front cover that was ever published (including duals), displayed as a poster in descending order w/ credits included in fine 5pt print at the bottom.

Digital-art print on woven archival stock 50 × 70cm (fits IKEA Ribba frame)


Top left to right:

2013 Riley Hawk, feeble grind 11.3 JT Rhoades photo

2013 Mark Gonzales, wallride 11.2a Sem Rubio photo / “The Parisian Romantic”, 11.2b Andy Dixon artwork c.2012

2013 Russ Milligan, nollie halfcab flip 11.1 Jared Sherbert photo

2012 Will Marshall, heelflip 10.4 Josh Hotz photo

2012 “Koko Bunji”, 10.3 Gabriel Dubois artwork c.2008

2012 TJ Rogers, 360 flip 10.2 James Moreley photo

2012 “Ramp Party”, 10.1a Jay Howell artwork c.2011 / Cameo Wilson, 50-50 10.1b Joel Dufresne photo

2011 “Hour Hands” 9.6SE various photographers

2011 Paul Liliani, switch front shove 9.5 Jeff Comber photo

2011 Sam Lind, drop-in 9.4 Terry Worona photo

2011 “Krapp Krapp” 1-4, 9.3SE Collectors Issue Charlie Roberts artwork c.2009

2011 Antoine Asselin, ollie 9.2 Kasey Andrews photo

2011 “The Warren”, 9.1 Andrew Pommier artwork c.2010

2010 Trevor Martin, 8.6a Gordon Nicholas photo / Jamie Tancowny, 8.6b Kyle Camarillo photo

2010 Zach Barton, lipslide 8.5 Gordon Nicholas photo

2010 Andrew McGraw, switch crooks 8.4a Geoff Clifford photo / Kevin Lowry, feeble grind 8.4b Owen Woytowich photo

2010 “Push”, 8.3a Geoff McFetridge artwork / Chris Weiss, club colours 8.3b Gordon Nicholas photo

2010 Riley Boland, frontside wallride 8.2 Gordon Nicholas photo

2010 Ryan Smith, backside noseblunt 8.1a Dylan Doubt photo / Keegan Sauder, “Fuck The Olympics” 8.1b Dylan Doubt photo

2009 Silas Baxter-Neal & John Rattray, ollies 7.6SE “The Tour Issue” (a) Dylan Doubt photo / “New Depression Refuse” 7.6SE (b) Andy Jenkins artwork

2009 Chad Dickson, switch heelflip 7.5 Joel Dufresne photo

2009 Bradley Sheppard, nollie frontside 180 7.4a Gordon Nicholas photo / Jason Dill, 7.4b Mike Piscatelli photo

2009 Al Harrison, invert c.1979, 7.3SE “Next/Best Issue” Rob Nurmi photo

2009 “Circle Formation”, 7.2 David O’Brien artwork

2009 Ryan and Scott Decenzo, 7.1(a,b) Scott Pommier photo

2008 “The Green Issue” 6.6SE Roger Allen and Sandro Grison artwork

2008 Richard Sarrazin, 6.5 Ryan Hamilton photo

2008 Alex Gavin, frontside flip 6.4 Dan Mathieu photo

2008 Tyne and Wear archives, 6.3SE “The Kids Issue” Dan Siney found photo (c.1871)

2008 Mark Appleyard, tail grab 6.2 Ryan Allan photo

2008 “Metronome” 6.1 Tiffany Bozic artwork

2007 “The DIY Issue” 5.6SE comissioned Ryan Buchnea artwork

2007 Quinn Starr, backside tailslide 5.5a Dylan Doubt photo / “Or Nothing At All” limited 5.5b Dave Kinsey artwork

2007 “S.T.R.E.E.T.S.” 5.4 Jeff Halliday artwork

2007 Geoff Rowley5.3SE Arto Saari photo

2007 Rick McCrank, “Being There” 5.2 Dylan Doubt photo

2007 “Fly Face” 5.1 Aurel Schmidt artwork / DMODW Dylan Doubt photo

2006 Spencer Hamilton, switch pop-shove nosegrind 180, 4.4SE Dylan Doubt photos, “Said And Done” artwork by Sandro Grison

2006 Andrew Reynolds, 4.3a Christopher Glancy photo / comissioned 4.3b Joseph Hart artwork

2006 Natas Kaupas & Mark Gonzales 4.2a Grant Brittain photo c.1987 / Rick McCrank as Blair Stanley 4.2b Dan Siney photo

2006 “Nuf With Guns”, (original art by Marc Mckee) 4.1 Roger Allen photo

2005 "Help" 3.2, from the sketchbook of James Jean

2005 Mike Chalmers, switch backside tailslide 3.1 David Christian photo, Sandro Grison

2004 “Skating Skateboards” 2.3 Brendan Sohar photo, reworked by Sandro Grison

2004 “Rodney Mullen mosaic” 2.2 Jody Morris photo, reworked by Sandro Grison

2004 Travis Stenger, nollie backside nosegrind 180, 2.1 David Christian photo (within gatefold)

2003 Mike McDermott, nollie frontside 180 (within gatefold) 1.3 David Christian photo

2003 Brett Stobbart, boardslide (within gatefold) 1.2 Kyle Shura photos

2003 “Bank Book” / Ryan Smith, gap to frontside boardslide 1.1 Mike Blabac photo (behind gatefold)