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Let me paint a picture for you: after a long day of battling strong headwinds on your bicycle you have just been kicked out of a hot springs river (yep, a river of almost too hot water complete with waterfall) and had to battle a stretch of treacherous highway in the dark, massive trucks honking at you, giving you little to no room, but that's all behind you now. There's a full moon, bright enough to illuminate the faces of the cows and sheep you pass. You are riding four abreast taking up both lanes of a quiet country farm road. No one is talking, you look around and realize that everyone is just quietly taking it all in. it is simple enough, but this is a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life, a moment of pure contentment.

There were a few moments like this on a trip that started out as a simple plan, but eventually hatched into an elaborate tour on the other side of the world with an epic cast. The New Zealand bike trip was a career high, not just for myself but for most of the people on it. No signings, no demos, just some fun skateparks,

steep hills and the road. That trip was the catalyst of this whole special issue. You hold a magazine built in the spirit of travel and adventure. We did our best to track down photos from Albuquerque to Dnepropetrovsk, and from Wellington to Winnipeg. Josh Clark had some friends help him shoot what became a full interview over a few weeks in Barcelona. Chico Brenes filled us in on his hometown in Nicaragua and Jay Revelle went to Japan to track down some skate rock band Breakfast. We also had Rick McCrank narrate some excerpts from Beauty and the Beast and in keeping with the 'tour' theme, our own Ben Tour worked together with Gordon Nicholas to create a nice marriage of ink and celluloid in our fashion editorial.

- dylan doubt, photo editor


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