Vol. 5 - Box Set

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A piece by Aurel Shmidt opens to reveal the Deer Man of Dark Woods for the award winning cover of the first issue of 2007. Inside a story on the balaclava-covered mystery skater, conspiracy theory with Alien and a Sober 7 with Ryan Smith share the pages with Mickey Avalon and Deerhoof. Rick McCrank is the featured skater in the Spring issue as he let Dylan Doubt tag along with him on a trip to Australia and we introduced Magnus Hanson as the issueÕs Shazam.
The first Color Special Edition Photo issue is also included in this volume. A horizontal format and as few words and as many images as possible were chosen to make it a high quality coffee table book.
This Volume also includes an interview with Spencer Hamilton, and alternate covers for the first film/photo Shoot to Thrill contest. Receive both the limited, numbered Dave Kinsey cover and the STT Òbest photoÓ winner cover.
This is the first year that Color produced 2 Special Editions, bringing the issue count to six. The SE large format DIY issue is the last of this Volume. Inside are Kenny Reed, Chet Childress, Black Mountain and lots of DIY focussed articles including a special Ôzine from Shayne Ehman.

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