Color 1.3


Volume 1, Number 3 published fall/winter, 2003
6 page cover die-cut with gatefold / 96 coated 70lb pages of text
perfect bound 9.5" x 9.5"


By issue three, Color was a recognized leader in skateboard publishing with articles that covered and spanned the entire country and placement on major newsstands through out North America. As said by Sandro Grison in the introduction for this issue, "our third and final act of terrorism for 2003, marked the beginning and end of expectations. After all it's this type of resistance that attracted us to skateboarding in the first place".

Perhaps obvious, the cover design represents the barriers felt by much of those who participated in skateboarding at the time. The magazine began to find its voice while giving one to a new movement that seemed to happening. Most importantly, the magazine was something that belonged skaters.



Mike McDermott, Darrell Smith, Under Attack Tour, MF Doom, DJ Nobody, Log Riders fashion, artist, Keith Langergraber, Bob Kronbauer's Los Angeles, and more

guest typographer: Ryan "Fontski" Buchnea



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