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Talent: Was there ever such a thing? Chris Haslam battles his teammates Ryan DeCenzo and Mark Appleyard go for the Globe Record: Most Parks Skated in a single Day. We discover iconic 70s punk frontman Randy Pandora wandering around the Downtown Eastside and meet the new guard in Nü Sensae. In Ottawa, young Matt Patafie cracks jokes about earthquakes and Illuminati meanwhile Calgary's Kevin Lowry goes about his business as skateboarding's silent assassin. Russ Milligan gets 5 pages of banging sequences while Danny Way is Waiting for Lightning. Cariboo's beer-sponsored skate team takes a tipsy trip to Phoenix and we explore the work of Raven Chacon, Sean MacAlister and Dirty Beaches +24 music, video and book reviews to get you stoked for ripping the streets or repping the beach. Have no fear, Summer's here.


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