Color 3.1


Winner for Best Cover at the 2006 Western Magazine Awards

Volume 3, Number 1 spring/summer, 2005
6 page gatefold cover, die-cut with spot varnishes
120 70lb coated pages perfect bound 10" x 10"


"Sometimes one needs to travel long distances to realize that everything they need is at their fingertips."— a realization made in the introduction printed in this issue pretty well sums up the state of the magazine at this point. And if you had to own just one issue from the early days, this is it!...(for reasons listed below).

One interesting thing to bring up here though is the subject of fashion. Since the first issue, Color dared to explore and tackle fashion in skateboarding. But up to this point it was always from a satirical stance; predicting a Miami Vice trend, commenting on the growing influence of Pirates, Loggers, and 60s throwbacks. In this issue you see an attempt by founder/creative director Alessandro Grison to contribute an original creative concept that turns the traditional formula for a fashion shoots on its head.



Torey Goodall, NY Hardcore, the making of the video North 2: Port Moody Blues, Stereo Skateboards team in Japan, artist Chris Duncan, Douglas Coupland, Necro, interviews with 10 skateboard filmmakers, and more


guest typographer: Chris Wellard

All copies wrapped in custom designed 2-tone poly bag + free postcard + folded poster insert featuring Torey Goodall printed on cover-stock.



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