Color 3.2


Volume 3, Number 2 autumn/winter, 2005
6 page reverse gatefold cover +
126 70lb coated pages perfect bound 10" x 10"


You know what? Just get this issue for the fold-out Brian Wenning ad! What more could you want?

But seriously, that's kind of how it is. The creators are just as much fans of skateboard culture as the readers. And that's probably the make up of any good magazine and their respective subject because, well you kind of have to be, right? As said by founder, Sandro Grison in the intro for this one, "Not the politics of it all, but the creative expression that goes along with skateboarding that introduced a lot of us to art". When in fact it was his passion for art, that attracted him to skateboarding... whoa.



Ian Twa, Aaron Johnson, Andy Howell, Cliché Skateboards, New York City, the art of James Jean, Ed and Deanna Templeton, and more


typographer: Sandro Grison

Includes inserted postcard of Travis Stenger + 70lb uncoated Faestheric illustrated insert for your walls



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