Color 5.2


Volume 5, Number 2—summer 2007
4 page cover / 140 70lb mix of coated and uncoated pages
perfect bound 9.75" x 9.75"


"One simple message to portray—a single idea displayed, practiced and proven: travel. That is what skateboarding is all about, whether it's the distance between yourself and a loved one, or your board and an obstacle. Sometimes you won't even know your destination, only the sentiment that you have to move on. This is every time you step on your board, this is the feeling of skateboarding. To plan for nothing and prepare for anything to cross your path, you'll tackle it with style and you're confident of that. It's the only thing you can be sure of."

This issue follows Rick McCrank to Australia, one of his favourite places to skate, for a rare interview with the private person we'd all like to know better.  It explores the theme of travel through out and also captures a young Magnus Hanson on his rise to adulthood.


Rick McCrank, Magnus Hanson, a trip through the Pacific Northwest, Handsome Furs, Bill Callahan, Boredoms, artist Matthew Brannon, Jamel Shabazz, and more


guest typography: Lorin Brown

Includes Altamont x Patrick O'Dell zine, plus + inserted postcard featuring Rick McCrank


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