Color 1.1SE


Volume 1, Number 1 published spring, 2003
6-page gatefold cover / 88 pages glossy 70lb text, perfect bound
8.5" x 11"


Dedicated to his cousin, the late Angela Allen (1984-2003). Co-Founder, Editor, Art Director, Sandro Grison was just beginning to realize adulthood and faced the challenges of finding his way in a new city, not to mention that of everyday life and starting what would later develop into a successful cultural institution and decade-long career. 
He wasn't about to let adversity stop him from following his passions though. Without a job, and with very little knowledge of the pursuits that would lay ahead it seemed destiny had a plan no matter how unprepared he and his friends who helped get this issue out to the world.
"Its probably because we come from somewhere else, this Never-never Land type place where children refuse to grow up and thrive on a whole other realm of ideas. This issue was about taking risks and avoiding the repercussions of this self destructiveness we take part in each day." —Intro, Color 1.1



Chris Haslam, Sheldon Meleshinski, Marcus McBride, artist Alex Morrison, Japanese harsh noise band Hospital, a huge gallery of photos from this era in Canadian skateboarding and more.


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