Color 2.2


Volume 2, Number 2 summer, 2004
6 page cover spot varnished with gatefold / 108 coated 70lb pages
perfect bound 10" x 10"


There needs no explanation as to what place Rodney Mullen has on the cover of a contemporary art and skateboard lifestyle magazine. The man (albeit boy at the time) made it viable for skaters to pursue their individuality and to be recognized for their merits. Without Rodney, their wouldn't be skate-cultural heroes like Ed Templeton, Jason Lee and Spike Jonze who have gone on to make names for themselves in worlds completely outside skateboarding. Much of the acceptance the activity has gained is due to this man and we were lucky enough to have one of own (Canadian) photographers get to shoot with him.

The portrait displayed is made up from sliced up pieces of the skateboarding photo that sits inside, redistributed.



Geoff Dermer, Bryan Gibbs, Surface To Air, Franz Ferdinand, artist Sandy Plotnikoff, Slam City Jam XI and more


guest typography: Beer Bench Gospel collective


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