Color 4.1


Volume 4, Number 1 spring, 2006
6 page vertical gatefold cover +
132 70lb coated pages perfect bound 10" x 10"

Between 2004 and 2006 two prominent staples to Vancouver's skateboard community, Rachael Davis and Lee Matasi were innocently killed by gun fire. Both occurrences happened outside night clubs and It didn't matter that they didn't know either of the parties involved. They were standing up for what they felt was right: peace. 

Around this time, local skateboarder Roger Allen brought us his collection of every skateboard he ever owned, and from that stack, an original Guy Mariano, ever-slick Blind deck (c.1991) with graphic designed by Marc McKee was selected as the appropriate image to reproduce for the cover of this magazine. 4.1 offers a perfect blend of North American skateboard culture. 


Gailea Momolu, High On Fire, J Dilla, Brian Gaberman, Europe, the making of the Lazy Paparazzi video,


guest typographer: Tiffany Malakooti

Includes centre-double-gatefold poster, poly bagged with Habitat/AWS "Regal Road" DVD + postcard featuring Joey Williams



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