Color 4.2


Volume 4, Number 2 summer, 2006
2 variations - 4 page cover w/ spot metallic
126 70lb coated pages perfect bound 10" x 10"


"Skateboarding has given us a way of looking at the world in a positive light. A barrier or obstacle—in the most literal form—to most means a dead end. As skateboarders we learn to make use of these things for a greater purpose and, figuratively speaking, this enhances our lives every day without us really stopping to notice how. As skateboarders, when the world places challenges in front of us we see opportunity."

And there's more.

"All of the people featured in this issue exude their own style and personality in how they approach life, and all are very different from each other."

Yes, I seriously said a whole bunch of stuff like that. Fuck. —Sandro


Chad Muska, Mark Gonzales, Jesse Booi, Brett Stobbart, director Corey Adams, Mastodon, Kool Keith, Ladyhawk, and more


guest typography: Delphi Collective


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