Color 6.3SE


Each issue I'm expected to say something here. And each issue I do my best to offer up something more than a simple introduction as a supplement to Color. First, let's look at what we have here. It's a special edition. It's smaller in scale than any issue we've done before this one and the pages, well, there's a lot more of them—about 40 more actually. Plus the cover stock is thicker, more durable and there's a delicate foil lining the spine. You may have figured out this much already.

Something you might not be aware of though is that the youth are coming up fierce. There are more and more talented little buddies appearing every day in our scene and they bring with them fresh ideas and a new perspective on the things we've found up to this point. "Old man" tricks like backside smith grinds have become a kiddie favourite, while kickflips have overturned on us once more. The new kids bring so much pure energy to the table, the kind that can serve no purpose other than good old fashioned fun.

We got to talking with a select bunch of young skateboarders ranging from age nine to 15 (Useful Wooden Toys, 94). ItÕs hard to believe that someone who doesn't have the slightest idea how to do his own laundry or cook up a meal can severely beat you in a game of S-K-A-T-E. We did learn at least one thing from these little dudes though. We learned the term "gerber" and we figure it means babyish or immature. And although they might dress like us and look like mini versions of us, we learned that they are indeed still kids, and that kids are freaking hilarious!

A skateboard is one toy grownups have gotten away with not having to give up. It's more of an instrument now that can only be defined by what you do with it. I can't succeed in introducing an issue of such immeasurable importance, I can only show you what these younger people are up to and hope it inspires something in you too. Historically, people die sooner as they get older. So in the meantime, kick back and enjoy the fruits of this melt-in-your-mind, not-in-your-hands, un-candy coated manuscript of skateboard culture from young folk around the globe. —Sandro Grison


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