Color 6.4


A summerÕs end at Color means we give our bodies a bit of a rest while we take time to sift through the months of skating that have passed so we can bring you the best of whatÕs happening now. For those of us further north of the equator, weÕre in that perfect temperature zone now and if you havenÕt spent the summer sitting at the beach next to your cooler, then you should be in top form for these last months of skating the great outdoors.

School is back in session now, but pools are being emptied for a session of their own. Saying itÕs seldom for a skateable pool to surface in Vancouver, never mind the rest of the country, is an understatement. But for us, plus those in the know, we started this issue off surrounded by asbestos when an old hotel was torn down to make way for the 2010 Olympics. At these sacred grounds with a nod to the former Fucking Awesome t-shirt graphic Òbooze and shoesÓ, all of the hype beasts of the industry were at bay. Skaters flocked to this site with sessions running into the night and thus, the beginnings of our feature article Pools and Schools 90. Skating purists have long debated over the streetwear attitude, with attention given to fashion. All while the purest of skaters have crossed over or aligned themselves with an image perhaps less stuffy than traditional skateboardingÕs rigid style council. 10.Deep visits Canada bringing with them style to match their fully functional abilities both on and off the board 124. So in the spirit of shredding, weÕve dedicated this issueÕs music content to the thrashing sounds of Municipal Waste 82, Annihilation Time 84, and the legendary skate-punk crew, Jodie FosterÕs Army 70. And the man behind the beard, Chris Haslam, teamed up with us to ask Dragonforce a few things about their new album 58.

While we balance the rad, both young and ÔahemÉ old, only one fresh face could take the seat opposite veteran skate-a-holic Alex Gavin 112. That personÕs name is Paul Liliani and at fifteen heÕs tearing up the streets of Toronto 60, well on his way to becoming a household name. This is just a dusting off the mound of great photos starting to collect of him.

ÒAll this skate talkÉÓ letÕs get on with it then. Behold #4 of the Volume and enjoy the fruits of all the wondrous art there is to be had on and off the board. Next issue we Shoot To Thrill and we hope you will too.

Sandro Grison, creative director / editor-in-chief

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