Color 6.6SE


Special Edition Green Issue featuring Rick Howard, Brian Anderson, Guy Mariano, Eric Koston and the rest of the Fourstar team across Canada. The Salton Sea, "Back Of The Bus", "In Transit", Stüssy Vancouver, Wade Fyfe. Artists Geoff McFetridge, Dan Siney, Matt Irving, Tom Messenger, Iain Baxter&, Luke Painter, Luke Ramsey, and The Dutchess And The Duke. +more!

Officially the greenest skateboard magazine in North America:

It's about growth without killing that of our environment. Going into its seventh year, Color has developed greatly. Growing wise beyond our years, it's only natural that we print just as smart as we'd like to think we are. During this recession where magazines are scaling back their page counts, we present to you our thickest book to date, printed on 100% recycled paper.

We start with an ecological, economical road trip beginning in the frozen wind tunnel city of Montreal. Geoff Clifford braves the colourful characters Greyhound Bus Line can offer for a three-day trip across the country to North Vancouver. With his forehead to the glass and camera in hand, Clifford uncovers the similarities and stark differences of the two cities while managing to capture a handful of gems as the snow back home continues to pile up. Reserved for this special issue, the Fourstar "North Of Everything" tour swept across the country with Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano (need I say more?). It may have been because of the eco trend to reduce CO2 emissions, or due to the rising gas prices — or other reasons altogether, but there was just one tour of this caliber to sweep through Canada this past summer. — why not let it be the biggest names in skateboarding? We also make contact with the black metal ecology of Wolves In The Throne Room at their sustainable farm in Washington. Artists Heather & Ivan Morison showed recently in Toronto offering environmental-concerning work, aesthetically pleasing and investigative. We feature these artists and show other UK-based artists working with eco ideology in a gallery. Kenny Anderson is interviewed and talks about his earth-friendly veggie-oil conversion business. Dustin Koop visits his old friend Leonard at the Salton Sea. We wrap up the year and the group show "a Rolling Perspective" in Toronto. Finally, taking the obvious route for the special environmental issue, we take it to the streets by train and street-car on our way to design superiority on the outskirts of Vancouver, where Timebomb houses the personal art collection of Garret Louie.

If there's one thing I hope you might take away from this book other than the pretty pictures, it is this: creativity is spawned by way of scarcity with limitations. The threat of global climate change and the eco trend is a positive thing when you look at all the interesting things it pushes us to make and explore. Enjoy this special edition of Color, doing your part to help the environment by supporting the original skate culture magazine — the one creatively working to reduce our carbon footprint. We are proud to announce Color is officially the greenest skateboard magazine in North America. —Sandro Grison

Being the first skateboard magazine in Canada to make the progressive move in the ecological direction is a testament to Color's continuous support for the environment, along with its dedication to skate culture. Color has always invested its successes back into the product despite financial sacrifice. Since its inception, the magazine has been printed using vegetable-based inks, and has reduced our carbon footprint in terms of transportation by having stations across the country. We also support our country's economy, vouching to print in Canada as opposed to outsourcing.


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