168 pages + satin-finish Softcover

7.75 x 9.5" [196.85 x 241.3mm]

full color film photography, English


Opposition is a 168-page book by Juliann McCandless, comprised of 16 raw and honest issue-oriented conversations through the months leading up to and during a Donald Trump presidency, with a diverse group of women and femmes who work mainly within the fashion and visual art industries. The goal of these conversations aims to not only document the goals, fears, hopes, political opinions and activism at this critical time in history, but to also spark a conversation that promotes critical thinking and encourages readers to hold their politicians accountable and fight for the changes they wish to see within their own communities. Furthermore, these interviews are intended to highlight a new wave of young feminists who believe feminism is and has to be Intersectional; representing people of color, trans people, queer people, gender non-binary people, low-income people, people with disabilities and people in the developing world. Feminism is about equality for EVERYONE.


Edited by Blake Finucane / Designed by Alessandro Grison

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