Vol. 1 - Box Set

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It all started in in 2003 and now this is the only way for you to get the very first issues of Color. Volume 1 contains interviews with Chris Haslam and documents the transformation of his image as the tech Deca skater to the sasquatch weÕve come to know so well. We also had words with a young Sheldon Meleshinski, Mike McDermott, Russ Milligan, Alex Morrison, who are all folks that weÕve done more recent features on.
The now well-known square format of Color came to be in the second issue and has become the cornerstone of our visual branding. Something else born in the first Volume that is still a mainstay is the City department. Bob K kicked this off before he returned home to Canada from his stint at Girl. He wrote about and photographed Spike Jonze, Rick Howard and Mike Carroll in LA.
As always this volume has pages upon pages of Fotofeature and CMYK photos featuring skaters and spots to reminisce about. Unless youÕve been a faithful collector from the very beginning youÕll have to grab this Volume in order to take a look back at all the priceless moments weÕve captured. It was the year Color was born. Where were you?

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