Vol. 7 - Box Set

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The Decenzo brothers start off 2009 and Volume 7 with alternate covers featuring both the fellows. ThereÕs also a music themed issue with an interview with Omar Salazar and one introducing Charles Rivard. Features on Bonnie Prince Billie, Wavves, NASA, and Bison BC all appear in one issue to appease all music tastes.
Some special covers are included in the set. The Summer issue has a photo of Bradley Sheppard as well as portrait cover shot of a very dapper Jason Dill. At first glance the cover of the Fall issue seems like no big deal, but once you fold out the rest of the stair set the magnitude of Chad DixonÕs bs flip at Black Double is realized.
Interviews in the Volume include a phone conversation between Frank Gerwer and Sheldon Meleshinski, Shazams with Luc Baslanti and Terrence Goddard and extra special features in the Special Editions. Dubbed the Next/Best and The Tour SEs, the large format issues contain some mighty epic articles. Next/Best combines the best of the past while looking forward to whatÕs coming up in the future and The Tour SE is all about hitting the road. Specifically the epic skate/bike trip down the north island of New Zealand that we put together, undertaken by Rick McCrank, Chris Haslem, Keegan Sauder, Cairo Foster, Silas Baxter Neal, John Rattray, and Kenny Anderson. And since its the Tour issue, we couldnt miss the chance to work on a special fashion editorial collaboration with staff illustrator Ben Tour. He and Gordon Nicholas created a fantastical 8 page feature melding the worlds of photo and illustration together and adding to one of the most acclaimed issues to date.

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